Devonshire Park Theatre is the first Qlu-mapped theatre in UK

Devonshire Park Theatre quality-mapped

Published on 14.10.2016

Devonshire Park Theatre became the first theatre in UK whose induction loop system is tested and quality-mapped according BS EN 60118:2015 induction loop standard by Qlu in September 2016.

The phased array induction loop system designed and installed by Contacta had a good coverage over the theatre seating, which was a good starting point for the quality-mapping. In the beginning of the testing, the quality loop amplifiers were fine-tuned, which expanded the excellent loop coverage area even further. Now the hearing experience is excellent almost everywhere in the theatre.


The Qlu-mapping  revealed an area with high electro magnetic interference on one side of the stalls. Avoid this area, if you can hear low frequencies with your hearing aid.


See induction loop quality-maps for Devonshire Park Theatre at


Qlu's induction loop quality-mapping helps you to provide equal service for hard of hearing person. As a result of the Qlu-mapping the hearing aid users can find and book seats with good hearing environment, they can search for hearing accessible venues from Internet service and give feedback to the venue owners and operators.

Furthermore, the venue owners can ensure that their induction loop systems work as they should and they can promote their hearing accessible venues on


Qlu is opening the induction loop quality-mapping service with selected partners in UK during 2017.

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