Building induction loop systems

Plan before you build, certify after you’ve built

Venue acoustics and sound amplification systems are the most critical factors affecting the quality of the hearing experience. For hearing aid users background noise, acoustic feedback and echo are issues which cause hearing problems, especially when listening to speech. Induction loop technology can significantly improve the hearing experience for hearing aid users.


Installing an induction loop system in a public venue is a cost effective assistive listening technology solution, especially when the need is recognized in the planning phase of the building. A well designed, properly installed and calibrated induction loop system is a low maintenance, easy to use and almost "set-it and forget-it" technology, which serves the public reliably. However it is impossible to judge the quality of the system without suitable technical equipment. Induction loop system installations must fulfill the international standard IEC 60118-4. Qlu Ltd. offers state of art technology to certify the quality of new and existing installations.

In most European countries public venues with sound amplification systems must have an assistive listening system by law. For example in the United Kingdom the provision of induction loop systems as an aid for disability, where reasonably possible, is required by the Equality Act 2010 and previously by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

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If the venue has a sound amplification system it should also have an induction loop or other assistive listening system.

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